Women and Investing

Florida Fiduciary Wealth Management doesn't give different advice to women vs. men. However, our experience has shown that women “stay the course” and are not overly concerned with the day-to-day fluctuations. We also understand that women, in general, are far more interested in peace of mind over performance. You want to send your children to college, leave an inheritance, and, of course, you want a comfortable retirement. Our advisors empathize with these concerns and cater to the female investor with these matters in mind.

We're here to help throughout some of life's stages:

In Relationships We actively promote and engage both marriage partners when reviewing their investment objectives and proposing investment strategies.

In Transition We provide support to women investors during a time of significant life change, such as divorce, death of a spouse, etc.

In Business We offer customized investment strategies to women who are business owners or have inherited significant assets.

In Retirement We develop financial strategies for female retirees that support the goals of living longer and better.

At Florida Fiduciary, we believe that your peace of mind is of utmost importance, so we strive for the best performance possible to secure your current and future investments.